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Hey guys! Hope everyone is having fun in Legion! Miss ya's!
Kakon, come do your birthday HFC run.
agreed Kackon
The site is prettier now
Hope things are going well, have fun everyone!
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Easy boss is easy

Grayclaw a posted Apr 7, 17

Grats to the team for our first mythic kill!

It's about time...

Grayclaw a posted Apr 6, 17

Heroic Gul'dan.  Boo-ya.

We have a website?...

Grayclaw a posted Apr 4, 17

Yes, yes we do.  We have also been killing bosses.  A selection of screen shots:

<Elisande lost her screen shot in a time loop>

Star Auger was weirdly easy

Tich is a bitch.

So is Spellblade

mmmmm cake.....

Chrono Blueberry

Was Helya ever relevent?  I dunno but we killed her on heroic anyway.

Trial of Valor

Grayclaw a posted Dec 10, 16

Here is Heroic Guarm.  Odyn doesn't get a screenshot because fuck that guy.

Double Demons

Grayclaw a posted Oct 28, 16

Two end bosses deyd:  Heroic Xavius and Viz'aduum the Watcher in Karazhan!  Trial of Valor and Mythic bosses await!

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